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Posted on: June 20th, 2012 by Annmarie

Why I do what I do……

More than once on a daily basis I am asked why do you do this? How come you do or take on so much? Why a one stop shop? How come not just dresses or not just linens and decor? Why event planning?

Here is the answer…….This September Jay and I will be married 8 years. While planning our wedding I had the HARDEST time finding unique AND quality items for our wedding….I researched, and researched, and researched…..then I started traveling to see these things I researched….

In 2004 I opened a online store for bridal accessories and after planning many friends events coming off my background in hotel management and event planning for both social and corporate events I started offering professional event consultation. The site did so well with it’s unique items within one year that in 2005 I was able to open a brick and motor location. About every 6 months or so I brought in new items and started offering new services. Brides kept asking for items, wanting to get more from us. It was soo easy because going back I remembered how I wished I could do more things at one place. I HATED that binder filled with different vendors for each rental item, accessories, favors, invitations, some services and other wedding related items, each one coming from a difference source. On top of a full time job and caring for a child it was WAY too much.

As much as I am asked all those above questions on a daily basis. I am praised just as much with, “I am so glad I could get everything here”, “I am saving so much in delivery fees having it all come from one place”, & “We love that we only have to make one phone call vs 20”

This is why I love what I do. There are not that many jobs out there that you can make someone, if not multiple people happy on a daily basis. No two events are the same, no two brides are the same. I have made many friends (professional as well as clients) helping with these events. Nothing is better than planning someone’s wedding and then to go on to plan their baby shower, their children’s christening, or first birthday. A good portion of my couples and their family’s become close friends or “family” in the amount of time we put in and spend together planning these life events.

I don’t think I could have picked a better career for myself.

Annmarie Giordano-Therriault, Owner
Couture Bridal Co.

Bridal Belts, the must have accessory for 2012!

Posted on: April 3rd, 2012 by Annmarie

A really great trend that has come about more and more recently is wedding gown belts! There is no denying that a waist-cinching belt does wonders to flatter a bride’s body. It can define the waist, accentuates (or creates) curves, and adds some sparkle to your wedding dress. Bridal sashes and belts are more elaborate then ever because of the endless options and styles available to fit every customer’s style. They work best for a bride that wants to add a pop of color to an all-white wedding dress, add even more bling, or just wants an eye-catching element of texture.

At Couture Bridal Co. we offer a wide range of these sashes and belts! A couple varieties are The Hailee Bridal Belt/Sash. This sash has medallions and jewels embracing the ends of a long, thin ribbon. Worn endless ways, you can wrap the sash around your waist several times, tie a simple knot or even a bow. It radiates contemporary sophistication. Another option which has options to come in a couple colors as well is the Bel Aire Bridal Belt/Sash BT015. It is a belt with a sequin flower and feathers at the side that comes in white, ivory, diamond white, and black velvet. A final belt that has no accent color but a gorgeous and just perfect amount of bling is Bel Aire B-102. It’s 86″ long double face satin ribbon belt 5/8″ wide on the sides of 3 delicate center oval rhinestone filigrees.

All three of these pieces are available at Couture Bridal Co. now along with many others. Come on in to add these beautiful additions to your bridal gown now!

Thanks for reading!

Looking forward to meeting you.
Couture’s Spring Intern,

From an Interns Perspective w/e 12/23/11

Posted on: December 24th, 2011 by Annmarie

By: Michelle

Were you one of those that were awake at 6am on April 29th? I sure was!

Prince William and Kate Middleton got married on that beautiful day in London. The details about her wedding day outfit were released the minute she walked into Westminster Abbey. Between a gorgeous Alexander McQueen wedding dress and a custom made diamond earrings, she was obviously one of the most beautiful brides ever. One perk of being royal is access to the Queen’s Crown Jewels. Some may not know that Mrs. Middleton wore a diamond tiara passed down from past generations of the British Monarchy.

See how beautiful? Well if you’re a future bride you are in luck! Couture Bridal Co. sells an exact replica of the tiara. You could look as beautiful as she did on your special day!

Now make sure your Prince Charming is as adorable as he is !!!

Until next week,

From an Interns Perspective w/e 12.16.11

Posted on: December 15th, 2011 by Annmarie

Hello All!
It’s Michelle again!

As an intern at Couture Bridal Co. I get to see the most beautiful weddings gowns that are currently available. Even though we have a LOT of them at the store, I decided to narrow down my top three favorites .
The first one is from Modeca Collection. This style is called the Melissa. The gorgeous gown features a blue bow and amazing lace and tulle details.

The second one is my absolute favorite. This gown is made my LaSposa and it is an off white color. This design is called Secreto. Again, it features tulle but a lot of it! Also, the top has some sparkle to it. It is to die for!

The third dress is a Maggie Sottero. It’s their Isadora Ann design in Ivory. The detailing on it is beautiful. It would be perfect for that lucky bride who decides to have two dresses: one for the ceremony and reception!

Don’t forget to stop by Couture Bridal to see all the other gorgeous gowns we have!
Till next time,

From an Interns Perspective

Posted on: December 10th, 2011 by Annmarie

Hello All! My name is Michelle and I’m the new intern at Couture Bridal Co.!

Have you walked past Couture Bridal Shop recently and checked out our beautiful winter-inspired window displays? If yes, then you’re in luck, because I’m going to give you all the insider details on what’s on display this month!

The Flower Girl dress was created by US Angels and is available for purchase. We added the gold sash to keep up with the Holiday theme but it can be purchased with any sash color that you desire! In the middle on this lovely trio is a Maggie Sottero Bridal Gown. This is her Isadora Marie design and can be purchased in Ivory or All White. The dress is gorgeous and features lace motifs and satin petals on the skirt.
Also on display is a Barijay gown that screams New Year’s Eve. It is available in various colors like silver, ivory or my personal favorite, Sapphire. Isn’t it fabulous?!

So as you can tell we have pretty much everything for the perfect holiday party or wedding !
Hope to see you soon at Couture Bridal Co.

Original Wedding Expo – January 29, 2012

Posted on: September 27th, 2011 by Annmarie

Original Wedding Expo – http://originalweddingexpo.com

Burlington, MA Mariott

January 29, 2012

Original Wedding Expo – November 6, 2011

Posted on: September 26th, 2011 by Annmarie

Original Wedding Expo – http://originalweddingexpo.com

Twin River Casino

November 6, 2011

Original Wedding Expo – April, 22, 2012

Posted on: September 25th, 2011 by Annmarie

Original Wedding Expo – http://originalweddingexpo.com

Twin River Casino

April, 22, 2012

East Greenwich Wedding Walk – October 8, 2011

Posted on: September 23rd, 2011 by Annmarie

East Greenwich Wedding Walk – October 8, 2011

East Greenwich Wedding Walk - 10/8/11

Website down!

Posted on: April 7th, 2011 by Annmarie

Unfortunatly, due to some technical issues, our website is down. If for some reason you need to order something, please call the store. We are very sorry for the inconvienence.


Posted on: April 1st, 2011 by Annmarie

Have you heard about the huge bridal gown sale coming to Twin River Casino Event Center on April 10th? The Original Wedding Expo will feature 150 bridal gowns from Couture Bridal Co. and another shop, Try on and buy! Email info@originalweddingexpo.com to enter the VIP contest. One lucky bride will win a $400.00 gif…t certificate… from AA Limousine Service.
Here’s a gown teaser! We will also have veils starting at $40!

Also, We will be featured in the fashion show at 2pm with our newest, hottest gowns!

Linens, Linens, & More Linens

Posted on: January 29th, 2011 by Annmarie

We CANNOT get enough of linens for 2011. We have been focusing on bringing in several new fabrics. Here is a sampling of whats in store for 2011